Sunday, November 29, 2015

Back-Up your computers

I follow several sailboat cruising blogs and the story below describes a robbery that does from time to time happen! Sad part is everyone in the Caribbean knows sailors who come from other countries can not have weapons onboard to protect themselves so for the criminal it’s easy, almost risk free money. You can thank liberal politicians for this law.

Here’s a recent posting describing a robbery of a cruiser:
Very sad to report....
Do NOT go to Taganga. Sad to say in all my years of travel all over the world we were boarded last night & robbed. Outboard motors both gone, all jewelery, watches, phones, computers, cash, credit cards etc. We were both tied up & hit, but we & the dogs (who remained mysteriously silent through the whole episode) are fine. Shaken, stressed & certainly didn't need this..... and yes, we were warned.... what can I say....
We're in Santa Marta marina at the moment courtesy of good friends John & Jennifer Howarth whilst we decide next move..... sorry if I miss birthdays, anniversaries, emails etc. All my info is on my computer & is lost. I only have this galaxy tablet for now.

What to do?
As in the story, their computers and other items of value were taken. The most costly was the laptop computers. Not so much the cost to replace it, but all the hundreds of hours of work and irreplaceable information stored on it! There is a very simple low cost way to avoid data losses like they are suffering from, it’s a “Memory Stick” to back-up all your data onto.

Backing-up your files is not just for theft but hardware failure where the hard drive simply crashes or lightening strikes, etc.

Memory sticks are dirt cheap. The one below is just $7.00 for 32-GB of storage (32-GB is a lot of data and photo’s, over 16,000, 2-MG photo’s) and if you need more they make them up to 128-GB of storage. Another nice feature about the SanDisk models is they have an included program to password protect the contents, nice feature.

Memory sticks are what I use to back-up and store all my photo’s and files on. It is fast, small and simple to use.

However and most importantly when you back-up the files you want, please remove the memory stick and put it in a safe place. Not out in the open but in a drawer just out of sight but still convenient for you to retrieve and use faithfully. It would be even more painful if your computer was stolen and it had the back-up stick in it!

Also for Google Bloggers here’s a link to show you how to back-up your entire blog. I know of to many bloggers who have lost everything due to a problem with the host server and all their work just ‘disappears’!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Name One Good Leader

Below is copied from “Thoughts from Frank and Ferns” blog. I follow their blog and find them two of the smartest blogging people out there. Check them out. Today they posted “Name One Good Leader”. After reading, you’ll probably come to the conclusion we as a country are in deep and irreversible trouble.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Frank and I were having a discussion over lunch today involving the immigrant invasion in Europe. Frank asked me how the leaders of these countries could continue to make such poor decisions. Decisions that will ultimately lead to the demise of their countries and populations. My response? Name one good leader of one country in the world. We couldn't think of any.

Name one leader that is making sound financial decisions.

Name one leader that is protecting the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

Name one country that is making decisions that are boosting free enterprise and the independent businessman.

Name one country that is providing healthy food that is not laced with pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and GMO poison producing seeds.

Name one country that has enough jobs.

Name one country that has maintained it's infrastructure so that it can withstand the onslaught of population growth.

Name one country that can produce enough food to feed it's people.

Name one country that can withstand a major cyber attack of it's electrical grid, financial institutions or military infrastructure.

Name one country that gets along with all the other countries.

Name one leader that is not a power hungry, control freak.

Name one country where the freedom of the people has increased instead of decreased over the last decade.

Name one country where bigotry and hatred has not increased over the last few years.

Name one country where privacy has not been given away in the name of protection and security.

Name one country where the leaders have not done all in their power to disarm the populace.

Name one country where the government doesn't have an us against them (the people) attitude.

Name one...........

I wish we could.

Where does this leave us? We have yet to find out, but it won't be long. It really doesn't matter who the leaders are anymore. They all belong to the same club, drive the same cars, eat the same food and spout the same mantra. Some of them try to put their own special, personal twist on the message, but it's all the same. Everything else is a distraction. You have to dig down really deep to get beyond all of the everyday lies and deception to see what is happening to the world. What you uncover is unbelievable, gets worse every minute of every day, and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but watch it unfold and try to prepare for a survival scenario of unknown origin. Don't be fooled by the stupidity and distractions placed before you. Keep your wits about you or this thing that is coming will devour you. Don't get on the truck.

Until next time - Fern

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I hope all of you can get your families together for this day, a day that is only a time for families and good friends. No presents exchanged, no false "Oh Thank You I Always Wanted This", just family and friends simply talking to one another.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A new “Blogs I Follow” list has been added

I felt this second list was necessary to avoid confusion and help you quickly find the topics you’re interested in.

Full-time sailboat cruisers are probably, without knowing, another splinter group of Preppers/Survivalists. They have the boat for shelter that’s very mobile so they can get out of the way of civil unrest or a government gone rogue, use solar panels for electricity, HAM Radios for communications, have food stocked, previously known island streams or mechanical sources for endless fresh water and are skilled at fishing for food so they will survive.

Myself, I have always been a closet full-time sailboat cruiser, just never found the right partner to make it happen. At one time when I felt it was time to come out of my cruising closet I found a near perfect for living/cruising 42 foot center cockpit sailboat that at that time was more than very affordable, but the load of my life said no! I still regret that time.

Full-time cruising is very similar to full-time RV living where you compress everything you own into a small space and at that moment you’ve become tied to nothing, you are totally free!

I’ve owned a number of boats over the years, power boats mostly under 24 feet, some with a very small cabin or center consoles designed for day fishing. Nothing suitable to live aboard.

The only sailboat I owned was a 16 foot Hobie-Cat, which was a blast to sail. I can’t describe what it’s like to tie down the cooler to the deck/trampoline and on a perfect day hull-fly for several miles down the Intracoastal waterway! Then when you need a rest, glide onto a sandbar island for lunch and a brew J

Hope you all enjoy and learn from these sailboat cruising blogs and there never ending adventures as full-time cruisers!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Ultimate Bug-Out Trailer?

One of the biggest obstacles a Bugging-Out Prepper/Survivalist faces is being able to take everything you need with you and that generally means a large RV Trailer. However, the towing capability of today’s downsized SUV’s etc vehicles simply can’t tow even a medium sized RV trailer.

Someday and maybe soon, some of us will find we have to make a choice of either Bugging-In (stay at home) or Bugging-Out (leaving home) in that case means leaving everything in that home behind. Bugging-Out is not always going to be a choice! There will be a time you must leave your home to live because of earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes and maybe Marshal Law! I suspect that most woman will have the stubbornness to not leave the home. The reality may be either you do or the consequences could be grave. This decision will depend on your level of preparedness for the disaster or civil unrest you’re facing at that time.

So what are your options?
Without owning a retreat to go to you know you need a safe shelter to sleep in and be warm and dry. With limited towing capability, maybe a ‘teardrop’ type trailer is your answer. They can be towed by just about any small vehicle today and give you the nighttime sleeping security most of us prefer.

True, with teardrop type trailers your cooking and eating will be done outside along with general living, but that is a small price to pay to be safe, warm and dry at night! This is not only a Bug-Out trailer but a hunting or family camping trailer.

If you feel like you want a project this appears to be an easy do it yourself project and save a bunch of money.

More information about Teardrop trailers:

A Teardrop blog I follow link:

Teardrop Trailer tour video review link:

Moby 1 Off-Road Teardrop Trailer review Video, this one is amazing!

Photo’s of one of the versions of the Moby 1 Teardrop Trailer: