Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dry Salt Preserving Fresh Meat, 2nd Piece Taste Test

Yesterday, I taste tested the second piece of meat from the “Dry Salt Preserving Method” test.

Well, it was as bad as the first piece. I simmered the meat to draw out the salt but it was useless and the meat was so tough and so salty it was inedible. This experiment shows this is not the way for me to preserve raw meat for a year or so. However a salt brine method which I did earlier worked out very well and is a viable option for meat preservation using salt.

I have been told that if I used a larger piece of meat it would work out better. Well I’m not going to invest the money to find out because I have better proven methods.

I prefer to pressure canning meat as the best way to preserve meat without refrigeration. I’ve done it before and it produces outstanding meat taste and texture.

I will not continue this test!


  1. Mike,

    I think I will stay with pressure canning meat. It tastes pretty good to me. Especially when you can chicken......omg, so good!!!

    Thank you for doing the salt experiment with meat, I did it with veggies and wasn't happy with the end result.

  2. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for sharing both the good & the bad!

  3. I almost cringed when I saw the title of your post today :)

    You are a brave soul.

    I LOVE my canned venison. I cube up the hams and don't even have to be too picky about the connective tissue as it just dissolves during the pressure canning process. The only "disadvantage" is that it won't stay in chunks once you reheat it and stir it a bit; it turns into shreds of meat. Which is fine by me, especially when you want to slather some BBQ sauce on it or make enchaladas with it.


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